Ring (clip) for a scarf Ring (clip) for a scarf
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Beige scarf in various patterns Beige scarf in various patterns
Producer: BARBIERI
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Every woman's wardrobe is usually completed with a collection of scarves and shawls. Add-ons that will give you a sophisticated, fresh and unique look. These accessories are also the easiest way to highlight your individuality. You can even wear a simple gray dress with a rich multi-coloured scarf to match your purse and shoes ... and a tasteful outfit is ready.

There are many ways to make a beautiful silk square scarf or scarf look great on you. There are several ways to wear them:

You can loosely tie a scarf or square scarf around your neck. This is a simple and functional version. Thus, you can wear a stylish shawl with a blouse for an important meeting or combine a bright, cheerful silk square scarf with a white T-shirt and jeans for a daily walk with friends. In both cases, you will look phenomenal!

A silk square scarf can be draped over the shoulder with a knot at one end of the scarf or fasten with a special clasp for scarves. The latter solution of wearing is very convenient in the office. If you love wearing square scarves to work and want something new, try tying a silk accessory like a chic tie to spice up your office outfit. A long thin scarf can be used in the same way. A large selection of such accessories can be found on the website In addition, you can order a scarf or shawl of a suitable size from the fabrics available in our atelier\salon. The only thing you have to do is call us or send us an email request.

If you are looking for a different way to wear our accessories, simply wrap a scarf around your neck. This is the most common way to wear short silk scarves or small square scarves, called gawroszka. It will be great decision for chilly mornings to keep you warm and comfortable.

If you put a scarf on your shirt, put it under the collar. On the other hand, a scarf tied at the collar will give your image seriousness.

If you are looking for an original way to use a scarf, you can always tie it around the waist - it will perfectly match your jeans or dark trousers. Square scarfs wrapped around a shirt dress at the waist look beautiful and stylish. Then the accessory looks like a wide belt. This is the perfect way to accentuate a woman's figure or liven up an image with soothing colours.

In addition, you can of course wear our scarves as you wish. Create your collection of silk scarves, let them serve as a complement to handbags, in the form of wristbands, as a hair clasp, as a hat ribbon. Is it sound interesting? Try these ideas and see what your favorite scarf looks like on a purse or hat, especially one with a wide brim.

 Our atelier\ salon offers fabrics for every taste and occasion. We sew square scarves (foulards) and shawls of various types of silk, cashmere, delicate virgin wool, cotton, linen and its combined fabrics, that are always natural and of the best quality.



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